Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unbelievable Art From Fruits

Fruits Can Also Be Used For Uncomparable Art Design

Art From Fruits-1

Art From Fruits-2

Art From Fruits-3

Art From Fruits-4

Art From Fruits-5

Art From Fruits-6

Art From Fruits-7

Art From Fruits-8

Art From Fruits-9

Art From Fruits-10

Art From Fruits-11

Art From Fruits-12

Art From Fruits-13

Art From Fruits-14

Art From Fruits-15

Art From Fruits-16

Art From Fruits-17

Art From Fruits-18

Art From Fruits-19

Creative Art of Sandwich

You can make Awesome Designs from Sandwich.
Like Playing Cards, Racing Car, Neck Tie and even Mouse, Pen Drive, Puzzle, Island, Piano etc.
Fun with making Cow, Monkey, Clown, Joker, Cartoon and other Animals Faces.
Enjoy while Hanging a Shirt on Rope after Wash.

1. Playing Cards

2. Cow Face

3. Child Walker

4. Spider Net

5. Bambo House

6. Butterfly

7. Mobile Phone

8. Clown Face

9. Coffin

10. Xmas Tree

11. Birthday Gift

12. Jiraf Face

13. Guitar

14. Island

15. Dragon

16. Monkey Face

17. Mouse - Pen Drive

18. Neck Tie

19. Piano

20. Cartoon

21. Race Car

22. Puzzle

23. Cloths Hanging on Rop

24. Creature